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Recycled Envelopes

Recycled Envelopes FAQ's

    What is enviromail?

    enviromail is an innovative recycled envelope from Queensland Envelopes that has been designed to have a positive impact on the environment and at the same time provide a secure and notable statement of its ecological qualities. It combines function with practicality and is suitable for all forms of mailing.

    What are recycled envelopes made of?

    Recycled envelopes are made of 80-95gsm liner board paper grade that is comprised of 100% Recycled Post Consumer Waste. Post Consumer Waste is made up of cardboard boxes, newspaper and other paper waste from residential and commercial sources and is not bleached. Recycled envelopes do not contain green tree fibre or vigin pulp.

    Is the Post Consumer Waste collected locally or imported?

    Post Consumer Waste paper for enviromail has been sourced within Australia and does not contain any imported content. This reduces our greenhouse levels while providing jobs during the manufacture. It also reduces landfill.

    I know the end product of enviromail is good for the environment, but what about the manufacturing process. Does that use any chemicals?

    The manufacture of recycled envelopes requires NO bleaches or chemicals of any description.

    What paper grade does enviromail come in?

    Recycled envelopes come in 80-95gsm so it is suitable for postage, stationary and secure document transport. The envelopes can be recycled over and over again.

    Do recycled envelopes come in other colours?

    Recycled Envelopes use 100% Recycled Post Consumer Waste and is not bleached. This means that it is even more environmentally friendly. The finished product is light brown and has a slight fleck due to the nature of the ingredients. In order to keep the environmental integrity of the finished product it only comes in the brown finish.

    Does the colour vary?

    The colour for recycled envelopes may vary slightly from batch to batch but not within the batch. This is due to the method of manufacture and the nature of the waste going into the paper.

    Are recycled envelopes more expensive than what I usually buy?

    Recycled envelopes have been positioned to be competitive with other recycled products currently on the market.

    Can recycled envelopes be overprinted?

    Yes, the product can be overprinted. However, you should keep in mind that due to the colour of the recycled envelope, some inks colours may appear darker when compared to our standard white envelopes.

    Are recycled envelopes suitable for insertion?

    Yes, recycled envelopes have been teseted by several mailhouses nationally and barcode legibility tests have been conducted within Australia Post.

    Are the window films, inks and adhesives all environmentally friendly?

    Presently, the window film is petroleum based and the inks and adhesives are conventional materials. However, testing is being undertaken to find suitable environmentally friendly alternatives.

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