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Product Listing

"complete envelope printing and custom manufacturing service"

Printed Envelopes & Custom Manufacturing

Printed Envelopes for

  • Corporate identity
  • Billing
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Event promotions
  • Product launches

To complement our vast stock envelope range, Queensland Envelopes offer a complete envelope printing and custom manufacturing service.

State-of-the-art manufacturing, together with state based printing facilities, are geared to service the increasing demands of the envelope market.

Call or email our office for a prompt quotation. david@queenslandenvelopes.com.au

Choose any variety

Envelopes are available in almost any:

  • Size
  • Style (bankers, wallets, pockets with windows and plain face)
  • Sealing mechanism (peel-n-seal, moist seal, press-seal and reusable)
  • Paper (a choice of standard or custom paper stocks)
  • Window (size, shape and position)

Project Specific Printing

Choose from:

  • High quality off-set printing (4 colour process and limitless spot colours)
  • Flexographic quality printing (4 colours in total)

We Can Do It All

From artwork as diverse as:

  • A printed envelope sample (most spot colour printing)
  • Bromide(s) or finished art (preferred for most spot colour printing)
  • Negatives (4 colour process)
  • Digital artwork supplied on disk or via email (Mac and IBM software formats compatible)*
  • We can supply a colour proof by email or as a hard copy when required.*

*Check with our office for service availability. david@queenslandenvelopes.com.au


To speed up your order, the following important information should be provided:

  • A printed envelope sample, and
  • Artwork (hard copy or digital) or negatives,
  • PMS colour(s), and
  • Typefaces used

Glossary of terms:

Artwork - this is design/image to be printed.

Separated Artwork - this is the design to be printed broken down by colour - eg. If we had an order with a two colour print, one page has all the printing in black and the other has all of the image to be printed in red.

Negatives - these are the same as photo negatives and are taken of the separated artwork.

PMS Colours - Pantone Matching System (PMS) refers to a group of standard ink colours used for spot printing. A swatch with a listing of over 1000 colours can be used to match the colour(s) required although it is preferable to find out the PMS Number from the customer.

Spot Colour Print - this refers to printing individual colours like the examples showing 1, 2, 3 and 5 spot colour printing.

4 colour process - this refers to printing images using fine dots of black, cyan (blue), magenta (purple) and yellow. This is most often used when printing full colour pictures.

Stiple - this is a group of dots (used when printing with spot colours) which creates a lighter colour than when printed as a solid.

Bleed - refers to printing which goes right to the edge of the envelope.

Printing Plate - each negative is created in order to produce a plate. The plate goes on the printing press and makes contact with the ink and allows the envelope to be printed.

Offset vs. Flexographic Printing - all the envelopes opposite are printed using offset printing after the envelope is made. Printing on envelopes during manufacturing is done using a flexographic (flexo) printing technique. This is most suitable for simple and uncomplicated prints, and is very economical for very large quantities.

One (1) colour printing - Only one colour is used to reproduce the logo and text.

Two (2) colour printing - Two distinct spot colours, blue (pms 293) and grey (pms430), are used to reproduce the logo and text.

Three (3) colour printing - Three (3) different colours are used here even though the print has four different colours. The lighter shade of green is a stiple of the dark green below it.

Four (4) colour process printing - Like the 1, 2 and 3 colour printing examples above, this 5 spot colour job was printed using 5 different PMS colours. A similar result is achievable using 4 colour process, although each different colour in the logo would be made up of a combination of fine dots (black, cyan, magenta and yellow) rather that the solid ink coverage which the spot colour printing technique produces.

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